How car title loans work

Car Title Loans

The concept behind VehiCash is simple: your free-and-clear car title is exchanged for a portion of the equity in your vehicle. Depending on the value of your vehicle, we can offer you up to $10,000.00 (or possibly more) to use for any purpose that you see fit. Unlike auto pawn, we arrange for you to keep and use your vehicle throughout the term of your car title loan.

At VehiCash , we structure most of our transactions as what's referred to as a "sale/lease-back." Sale/lease-backs are common in commercial business and have been traditionally used as a way for business owners to free up cash equity in heavy equipment, machinery, office equipment, real estate, etc. for use in the day-to-day operation of their business. In business, cash is often "king" and the sale/lease-back of equipment can allow a business to cover a cash flow shortage, process a large order, or take advantage of an unexpected opportunity. It is not unusual for a large corporation to sell and lease back commercial real estate as an easy way to free up capital for expansion rather than jump through the hoops of traditional financing.

Depending on your State, we may structure the transaction as a car title loan rather than a sale/lease-back.

Here's how it works:


Let's say for example that you own a Toyota 4Runner with no loan payment and $10,000 in equity. Based on that level of equity, we can offer you up to $7,000.00 in cash in exchange for the title. You determine that $7,000 is more than you need and decide on $2,400. Based on this figure, we would then lease the 4Runner back to you for a monthly lease payment of $480.00. The minimum lease term is 30 days, however you're free to terminate the lease any time thereafter. When you're ready to pay off the outstanding balance, you simply repay the $2,400.00 and we will promptly return your title to you.

Car Title Loans

Car title loans are similar to sale/lease-back when it comes to monthly payment, however, the structure of a car title is somewhat different. With a car title loan, the car title is not transferred. Your car title remains in your name and the lender places a lien on the car title for the amount of the loan. The lender typically retains the title for safe-keeping, much like a traditional car loan. The use of a car title loan vs. a sale/lease-back varies depending on your State's regulations. With either a car title loan or lease, you keep your car.

VehiCash is simple in that qualification is based entirely upon the asset, not the borrower. We understand that life has its unexpected turns and that bad credit happens to good people. At VehiCash , we never run a credit check and your income is your own private matter. We offer solutions with the understanding and trust that you will be responsible and will carefully weigh your own options.

Our mission is simple: We strive to create solutions where life has created obstacles.

We also work with car title lenders and leasing companies around the country and can place your car title loan/lease request with a local company for your convenience. Submit your application and we will match you with your best solution for a car title loan/lease.

Please Note: Our financing options are intended only as a short term solution. We ask that you carefully consider all of your options and your ability to quickly pay off the lease or car title loan.

The following chart is an example of typical charges:

Total Cash
Number of



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