FAQ about car title loans


  What does it cost?
  The cost will likely be $20 per $100 per month. For example, if you receive $1,000 your payments will be $200 per month ($100 every two weeks). The car title loan or lease is open-ended and will continue until such time you bring us the original $1,000. You always have the option of paying the entire balance due or continuing month-to-month.
  How does it work?
  Upon approval, you will need to send us your paperwork (detailed in “What do I need?” below). Depending on whether you are eligible for a car title loan or sale/lease-back, you will then transfer title to VehiCash or one of our affiliate lenders (or have a lien placed on your car title) and we will lease the vehicle back to you or originate a car title loan. Unlike an auto pawn, we enable you to keep your car.
  What do I need?
  •  Title to your free-and-clear vehicle with no liens or loans

  •  Drivers license (you must be 18 years of age or older)

  •  Most recent pay stub (must have at least $1,000 per month in steady verifiable income)

  •  Utility bill (preferably a phone bill)

      Do I need a Checking or Savings Account?
      No. However you may qualify for more money if you have a checking account.
      Can I loose my car?

    Yes you can. The following are the three most common reasons why lessees or borrowers with VehiCash, or our affiliate lenders, can loose their vehicle:

    1. Default in lease/car title loan payments.

    2. Lessee/borrower fails to maintain proper insurance or registration.

    3. Lessee/borrower fails to notify Lessor/lender of change of address, employment or phone number within TEN days of change.





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